How to freshen up your hair after the gym...

without having to wash 

I don't know about you but I know I'm guilty of skipping a workout to ensure my hair looked good for another day or two. 

Maybe you have plans and the thought of going through your whole hair routine sounds daunting. 

I hear you!

But skipping your workout all because of your hair shouldn't be the case,

so here are some tips to get that fresh hair feel after the gym.

How to get amazing post-workout hair:

Before you go

Apply dry shampoo.  This will actually absorb a lot of the moisture, focus on areas in the nape and temples, where we sweat the most.  Keep your hair fresh before you even start and take advantage of your natural oils that help prevent dryness.

Not the cutest look, but a sweatband will take care of the moisture as it happens.  Look for soft and thick textures to prevent creases in your style.  Nobody wants a crimp in their style!

If you plan to sweat a lot, try to pull your hair away from your nape into a bun or twist.  Again you want to avoid too tight of an elastic, so I recommend using a scrunchie or if you prefer you can use a spiral hair tie.

Try a classic braid!  If you have curly or somewhat unruly hair, it will enhance your natural texture or if your hair is straight, it'll add a nice heatless wave.

Post gym

Gather your dry shampoo and styling cream or serum. Dry your hair, upside down if you want volume, with cool air. Then apply dry shampoo anywhere you feel requires extra attention.  Run a comb or brush through to distribute the product.  If dry shampoo isn't your thing, you could also try a cotton ball and an astringent, such as witch hazel or even rose water.  To finish up, give your hair a final blast of air all over.

When it's too much and you need to embrace it. 

Opt for a pony tail, slicked back bun, top knot or full messy bun. Gather a few bobby pins, a little hairspray and you'll be ready in no time.

Or go with an oldy but a goody, and grab a hat!  This is obviously the easiest way to cover messy hair but it can also be trendy. 

If you don't get too frizzy you could always rinse your hair quickly and let it air dry. 


Remember hair is just about practicing and seeing what works best for you. 

I've never gone to the gym and said, "Oh yeah I regret that!"  So I hope you have a great workout and don't have to fret over your hair with these tips!  I hope they were helpful!